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About Morningstar Chiropractic

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Quality Family Chiropractic Care Since 1998

A chiropractor since 1998, Dr. Andy provides his patients with years of invaluable chiropractic experience at his family orientated practice. “We are a very family-friendly practice,” says Dr. Andy. “While families comprise a large portion of the patients that I treat, I also have an extensive postgraduate background in treating those in our community who have been in an auto accident.” Request An Appointment

A Unique Approach to Chiropractic

Dr. Andy is passionate about teaching his patients how to feel better. He believes that by maximizing guiding principles, we can all flourish and achieve optimal health.

Our mission is to change the face of healthcare through teaching and promoting the five essentials of maximized living. Dr. Andy Morningstar

We Focus on You, Not on Pain

Here at Morningstar Chiropractic Spinal Correction Center, we utilize a broad-based approach to healthcare. Our aim is to improve each patient’s overall quality of life by teaching them how to maximize the transformative power of the body, through specific, corrective spinal adjustments, simple and quick exercise programs, nutrition and detoxification.

We don’t just focus on pain, of course, we want to get people out of pain as soon as possible but pain is only the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Andy Morningstar

Dr. Andy is passionate about helping people break free from pain and dysfunction. By placing the emphasis on the body’s structure and the patient’s posture, Dr. Andy aims to remove any interference in the nervous system, through specialized chiropractic adjustments and spinal rehab. By performing both pre and post care plan x-rays, Dr. Andy has crystal clear, objective evidence that his patients are ready for maintenance care. This is similar to receiving a retainer once your braces come off. Dr. Andy’s practice sets itself apart from others. His clinic offers personalized solutions for a wide variety of lifestyle-related, health issues, including, but most definitely not limited to: spinal correction, posture correction, scoliosis and auto injuries. Contact (618) 288-8090 today to learn how Dr. Andy can help you and your family enjoy the benefits that corrective chiropractic care has to offer.